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What does your team need right now?

Throughout the pandemic I have been in conversation with leaders from a myriad of industries and have been mindful of the emerging themes and shared human experience as we have transitioned through the different phases of the response.

What I notice now, 6 months in and with a very different sort of summer behind us, is that some leaders and their teams have less energy and drive than they would normally have at this point. It led me to think about how can we create that galvanising start of term feeling when things feel very different now?

With that in mind, I wanted to share an article from HBR, as it has some really useful advice on how to lead in this new phase of remote working. What was music to my ears, is that it highlights the need for connection to purpose and play, encouraging teams to experiment, review and look for small as well as big wins in service of their customers. Now is the time to make adaptive performance and improvement the heart of a team’s purpose, not just tactical delivery.

What is also crucial after 6 months away from the office and continued uncertainty, is the need for connection and learning. Finding ways to connect as a team, and with individuals and really thinking about how the team can interact and nurture their sense of belonging and contribution.

I hope you find it useful!

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