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we offer a range of coaching solutions to support and inspire current
and potential leaders.

All of our work is underpinned by three main pillars. With us you don't get something off the shelf. We will always meet with you and seek to understand and partner with you to discover what's required and once we fully understand your needs we will then design something with you. The coaching process that follows will be completely unique to your individual and organisational needs.


We take time to understand the challenges you are facing and the current and historical context. We also use this stage of the process to clarify exactly what outcomes you and the organisation want us to achieve and to assess how committed you are to moving to new ways of working.


We create a bespoke coaching plan and agree it with you. For a positive outcome it is essential that all those involved in the coaching commit to engaging with the process.


Through the coaching process we give you time to stop and reflect, regroup and refocus, building clarity of purpose.

what we offer

individual coaching


The essence of coaching is to help a leader answer the question “ how can I be better?” and help them
achieve that plan. ​

individual coaching
supporting leaders to fulfill their potential


Leaders often engage us to help them through major periods of transition and change, for themselves, their teams and their organisations. For us, the impact on the business is always paramount so focussing on the impact we have at the top of an organisation ensures that it is magnified as it ripples through the system.

personal impact  influencing complex systems  finding your leadership voice  first 100 days  resilience and energy management  leading performance  having important conversations  individual coaching

supporting teams at board and senior management level 


We engage with the team as a whole and with individual members, helping to improve the way they work together in service of the organisational mission. In this complex and fast-paced business climate, working with us helps teams turn their group mindset from surviving to thriving, making them more resilient, nimble and therefore accelerating performance. Throughout the process the coach holds the team accountable for their desired outcomes and new ways of working.

accelerate ways of working  clarity of purpose ● decision making  ambition and accountability
 newly formed 
 transition and change

team coaching

outstanding organisations have outstanding teams at the top

team coaching

leadership performance coaching

leadership skills, performance and effectiveness

leading performance
creative leadership development using real time business initiatives

Our Leading Performance programme provides real traction and systemic impact. Working together over a period of time enables us to follow up with the leaders involved as they refine their new skills and to hold them accountable for meeting the goals we established at the outset. We build opportunities into each programme for participants to discuss their progress with their peers and learn from each other’s experiences. Participants will leave the programme feeling inspired and with a renewed sense of purpose and focus.

internal mentoring programmes  coaching skills  accelerating emerging talent  important conversations  effective communication

ready made programmes

a programme designed with female leaders in mind, helping them to achieve more at less personal cost

 a group coaching programme created for a wide range of leaders experiencing fast changing internal and external conditions

Resilience and resourcing
Mental fitness
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