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randolph partnership was founded in 2005 by Alison Lucas.

Our purpose is to support seasoned and emerging leaders be the best contribution they can be in every system they serve. We believe wholeheartedly that performance and results are sustainable when supported by individual and organisational health.

Whatever the performance goals, we often start with foundation work on time and energy management and creating healthy boundaries to help our clients create a more sustainable relationship to work. We believe in living our values so our coaches are constantly learning, developing new skills and devising new ways of supporting our clients in their development.

our values


We always seek clarity on the desired outcome and purpose of coaching. We make clear the process we will follow to get there and exactly how we can help.


We will listen carefully and ask lots of questions to ensure we fully understand. We will share our insights, models and tools, always explaining what the conversation is sparking in us.


We are continuously curious, which means that we are always learning. We spark curiosity in our clients, helping them find resources to deliver even greater performance.


We all have challenges that make life more difficult. We are deeply respectful of all aspects of our clients’ lives.


Leading well takes energy. We must all take responsibility for maintaining our own energy and for the impact it has on others. A healthy work-life balance is essential to maintaining perspective.


While we are experts in facilitating the coaching process, we understand that our clients are experts in themselves. The relationship between us creates the conditions for positive change.

living purposefully

When you are truly clear on your purpose, choices become clearer and easier to make.

health & wellbeing

We believe sustainable high performance comes from healthy systems. The wellbeing of the individual, their team and their organisation is at the heart of what we do.

daily progress

 Progress happens on a daily basis, not just during the course of each session. It is about turning intentions into everyday actions. We encourage our clients to see every conversation and everything they do as an opportunity to improve performance.


Sustainable change takes dedication over time. Our clients and their organisations design their own outcomes and we design a programme that holds them to account. There is no wiggle room!

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