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resilience and resourcing
hosted conversation


introducing our latest programme designed for organisations looking to creatively connect across their businesses, supporting the desire to emerge from Covid 19 with leaders who have fuel in the tank, and are resourced to support their teams and organisations’ next oppportunity and challenge.  This coaching can sit alongside Resilience progamme workshops, or similar, as its aim is to get leaders into positive action.


the capacity to adapt in the face of adversity, trauma and stress. To become strong, healthy and successful again


a source, supply or aid that can be readily drawn on when needed

hosted conversation

a created safe space, hosted by a skilled coach, to bring people together to share, support and energise each other

This is a group coaching programme designed for a wide range of leaders facing fast changing internal and external conditions. The outcomes will vary, depending on client needs, but we want you to leave with ideas on resourcing practices, a better understanding of what is within their control and influence and a shared sense of connection. 


Whilst we tailor to your needs, there are some common principles underpinning our work; contracted confidentiality, drawing on energy management practices, challenge and developing practices to resource you and your team better.


If you would like to find out more about the programme structure, or have an informal chat about how it can support your current offerings, please get in touch

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