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Celebrating 18 years with 18 top tips

Thank you all for celebrating 18 years with me. I’ve been touched by all the lovely messages I’ve received. In case you missed them I wanted to pull all of my top tips together in one place.

  1. If nothing else remember to breathe.

  2. Clear is kind.

  3. Good fences make for good neighbours. Boundaries are essential.

  4. Learning doesn’t have to be hard work, remember to play.

  5. Done is better than perfect (for all you perfectionist out there).

  6. Mental and Physical Health are equally important and intertwined. Remember to pay attention to both.

  7. Don’t forget the power of rehearsal. Saying something important out loud before the stakes are high can make all the difference.

  8. Pause. It’ll feel different in 10 minutes.

  9. Moving helps. If in doubt, and before anything else, go for a walk.

  10. Sometimes it’s better to start than wait until things are fully planned. Remember post 5 perfectionists?

  11. Make sure to celebrate along the way - it’s an essential part of high performance!

  12. I’ve said this before and it’s worth repeating. Remember. To. Pause.

  13. We are all born creative and sometimes we lose this connection. Re-discovering with your inner creative will open new doors.

  14. Tap into your energies and look after your SHED (Sleep, Hydration, Exercise and Diet)! Thank you @saramilnerowe for introducing this framework.

  15. Look to your strengths to fuel your personal growth. Here is a tool that will help you.

  16. Effort gives life meaning, it means what you are setting out to achieve is important and that you care.

  17. Recognising the importance of and paying attention to endings makes for better beginnings. Find out more here.

Looking forward to many more years!

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