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Beyond me, beyond now

Anyone who has chatted with me over the last few weeks will have heard me playing with the phrase “beyond me, beyond now” which has come out of some recent deep exploration of purpose, meaning, legacy and creativity. This has led me to reflect back on how much I gained from leading my mental health walk, as shared in my latest article and has motivated me to start a new chapter and apply to become a trustee for the Citizens Advice Bureau.

I wanted to thank Neil Scotton, who has inspired this work and created a simple, deep, beautifully crafted process to invite oneself and ones clients into a broader conversation – all about beyond me, beyond now.

If you would like to explore beyond you, beyond now and experience what emerges for you with the wheel - please DM me.

Thank you to so much to Julie Louise Harrison, Laetitia Antonowicz, Patrick Ballin, Tracey Fox, Vanessa Daswani, Alison Green and Shruti Sonthalia for being such great learning partners.

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