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TEDx Royal Tunbridge Wells

I wanted to say a heartfelt “Thank you” to the TEDxRTW team for a thought provoking and inspiring day last week. There were so many takeaways I wanted to take this opportunity to share just a few;

Challenging the direction of travel of group think, using data and real curiosity to create a different narrative; Simon Lucey myth busting about Gen Z and really illuminating the intergenerational divide, Vybarr Cregan-Reid on how our modern lifestyle means its no longer survival of the fittest and Christina Blacklaws' talk on how systemic prejudice is already being coded into our technology.

There was so much about compassion, community, connection and really pausing to listen.

Dr Julian Abel spoke about how systemically creating connection and compassion has created a more joined up community in Frome with measurable impact. And big congratulations to Ben Akers, stopping to see below the surface and really find out how someone is, his pioneering Talk Club is really having an impact on male mental health.

Well done to the whole behind the scenes team lead by Lizzie Bentley Bowers, coached by Caroline Hall and skillfully hosted by Chris Rowe and Rebecca Hirst.

Further info about all of the speakers on the day can be found here

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