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If this is it, then what?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

This is a brilliant question that I was offered and have been asking clients and colleagues the same ever since. How I interpreted this question was “If I never get to sit in a room with my clients again, and am forever to work remotely, what do I need to think, feel or do differently to truly be performing at my best?”

After careful reflection, my answer was “creativity”. How energising is that?!!

What this question did for me was get me to address the ways of working in my pre pandemic ways that I was in fact mourning, and think about what I needed in order to be at my best going forwards in this new remote world. As I have mentioned recently, it’s about paying attention to endings as well as thinking about beginnings.

What is your interpretation of this question, and what answer energises you?

Thank you for being part of the conversation @Jeremy Keely, @Karyn Prentice, @Mary Farebrother, @Jan Castle, @Martin Longborough.

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