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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

I have just discovered a wonderful new pastime - listening to Podcasts.  And in that pursuit, along with listening to many missed years of Desert Island Discs, I have discovered TED Radio.  It is “a journey through fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions and new ways to think and create.  Based on riveting TED Talks from the world’s most remarkable minds.”

My experience of listening to these programmes has been exactly that for me; fascinating, riveting and creating new connections and thinking. One episode which deeply resonated was “The Act of Listening”, exploring what an act of generosity and source of discovery listening is.  The episode features the winner of the TED 2015 prize, Dave Isay, and his social enterprise StoryCorps.  His vision is to collect and preserve stories from every walk of life.  The big initiative last Thanksgiving was to encourage teenagers to gather their grandparent’s stories.  This sparked an idea for me - I have downloaded the StoryCorps App and am going to embark on gathering our generational stories with my family.

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