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Explaining more about what Mental Fitness is all about - Q&A

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Thank you for the interest in our new programme, Mental Fitness for Female Leaders - achieving more at less personal cost. In order to explain more around the what, the why and the how, I’ve taken some time out for a little Q&A. This should provide you with some more insight into how this programme came into being and answer some key questions.

What is this programme and why call it “Mental Fitness”?

To me, being mentally fit means actively working on your ability to develop capacity to respond to leadership and life challenges with a useful mindset. Not an easy thing, when life throws so much at you! It’s also about how you cultivate a sense of wellbeing and increasing an awareness of how you think, feel and behave. It’s about being able to press pause in the middle of busyness in order to be present and really choose how we proceed.

This is also about building self-acceptance, self-esteem, resilience, adaption to challenge in a flexible way and your ability to emotionally regulate.

These are all key areas which will contribute to your overall mental fitness. Being mentally fit, means you’re all of the above and ready for more. Even though the brain is not technically a muscle, there’s no reason we shouldn’t treat it like one and keep it fit.

What do you mean by "at less personal cost"?

Exactly that! This programme is designed to help identify our mental models, those that cost us in time, energy, emotion and can keep us stuck. Realising these saboteur traits, helps us either move forward in terms of performance, simply be a little happier or both.

Why specifically female leaders?

Working with bright and brilliant female leaders, seeing them progress and thrive is the highlight of my work. The pandemic has disproportionately hit women and challenged our progress in diversity. Working women in particular have been doing much of the heavy lifting, working from home whilst the support of childcare and school has been withdrawn. Sheryl Sandberg’s LeanIn organisation has published numerous reports of women burning out and leaving the workforce and a recent study by McKinsey’s and LeanIn found that one in four women have considered downshifting their career or resigning.

Tell me more about the programme/why PQ?

This programme gives space to the female leadership experience, combining guided coaching with the cutting-edge intense PQ course. When I discovered PQ, it brought together beautifully through an app and simple programme structure, much of what I already do with clients. Whatever the performance goals are of Executive Coaching, I discuss Foundational Practices that support long term resilience and being present in the moment. PQ is a great addition to these practices.

If you're interested in finding out more please do get in touch.

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