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book club - making learning easier

I’m continuously curious, which means I’m always sharpening my own practice, as well as adding to the library of resources we offer to our clients to stretch and deepen their learning beyond the coaching sessions. This means that I read and review a lot of books.

I’ve never been a great reader, during my school days, I found it easier to absorb information through different means. Stemming from a conversation about my frustration with my inability to read “educational” books, our book club was created. Here we are,12 years later, and my library of resources is brimming, not only with my wonderful discoveries and opinions, but also those of a wider group of readers who share my curiosity.

Our book club has served me and my clients well and stands as a great example of understanding how we as individuals learn best (and most easily!) and then finding a way of embedding that learning.

I often reflect on what has made our book club so successful and wanted to share with you some of my thoughts:

  • When something feels hard, find a different way!

  • As a group, we have a shared and articulated outcome

  • The importance of diversity; as a group, we bring very different talents and perspectives

  • We have a light framework of organisation (rotating chair, time limited etc.)

  • We always end with a “so what now?” - how can we use what we have learnt in our practice and how can our clients access this learning?

Finally, I wanted to take this opportunity to say a wholehearted “Thank you” for the 12, and counting, years of book club joy to Jan Castle, Mary Farebrother, John Fooks, Olivia Woods, Jane Kershaw and Julia Fry.

Looking forward to our next meeting!

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