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an exercise in gratitude

This year more than ever the need for trusting, compassionate relationships and a human connection has been required from organisations and their leaders.

So in reflecting on my year, I have been doing so, not in terms of what I have achieved, learnt or overcome, but instead in terms of the people around me. I’ve thought about the friends, family and colleagues who have been an integral part to me feeling resilient, creative, and contributing.

For leaders, so much of your energy goes into serving your organisation and your people and this year is certainly no different.

When thinking about this, it’s useful to take some time to also turn your attention inwards, and reflect on who has been there for you, who is in your resourcing “crew”, and how about letting them know what role they have played for you? This is an exercise in gratitude, and it's also really helpful to know what you need and ask for more of it as you head into 2021.

To my crew, you know who you are, a big THANK YOU!

To help you get started, here are some questions to reflect on:

  • Who has been a calm presence when you have faced tough decisions?

  • Who has really stepped up and surprised you?

  • After connecting with them, who has left you with more hope and energy?

  • Who has been your rock, grounding you?

  • Who has been your spark, igniting creativity and possibility?

  • Who has had the courage to challenge you?

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