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The Long Game: How to be a long term thinker in a short term world

The Long Game by Dorie Clark is a book that really helps us to slow down and think more strategically about our long term goals.

Clark is a communications coach, speaker, consultant, teacher at Duke University and best-selling author. She has been described by the New York Times as an “expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives.

Through personal stories, experiences and those of her friends and colleagues, Dorie powerfully explains what we should all be doing in order to be better at thinking long term an this involves; creating the space to think about long term goals, identifying the right goals and the steps to lead us towards them and the importance of perseverance through rejection and what may feel like little or no progress at times.

Full of useful tips and advice, this book could be a helpful resource for those starting out in their career, or feeling "stuck" or looking to change career. Dorie asks some simple and powerful questions which are worth all of us taking a moment to reflect on:

  • What should I spend my time doing?

  • What are the 20% of my activities that will yield 80% of the results?

  • What can I stop doing?

  • How can I use constraints to my advantage?

  • What are my hypotheses about the future—and how do they inform my actions today?

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