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neuroscience for organizational change

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

This is a highly recommended book by Hilary Scarlett. Understanding how employees' brains work enables organisations to build cultures, design structures and processes that help people to be more innovative, productive and engaged. This has lasting impact in terms of meeting business objectives and becoming an employer of choice.

Neuroscience brings a new lens through which to look at people and to understand why they react to situations in a certain way, what they need from work relationships to perform at their best, and how they might be better motivated. This book not only provides evidence that will persuade the most sceptical of leaders but also provides many practical examples of how to apply the insights enabling the organisation to improve performance and also help to support the mental and emotional well-being of employees.

Amongst other areas, the book explores why we find organizational change difficult and what we can do to keep people focused and performing at their best. It looks at our need for social connection at work, the essential role that leaders and managers play, how best to manage emotions and reduce bias to avoid making flawed decisions, and why we need communication, involvement and storytelling to help us through change. It also sets out a new science-based planning tool, SPACES, to enhance motivation.

Hilary Scarlett is an international speaker, consultant, writer and Director of Scarlett & Grey (formerly Scarlett Associates). Her work has spanned Europe, the US and Asia and concentrates on the development of people-focused change management programmes, coaching and employee engagement.

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