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In conversation 2 - exploring endings and loss

I feel hugely grateful to have the privilege of working with my thinking partner, and friend, Lizzie Bentley Bowers on our endings for beginnings work. It’s been really fulfilling seeing this work come to life and help individuals and their organisations pay attention to endings.

We’re now doing what we set out to do and having more conversations about endings in organisations in order to facilitate brighter beginnings. Greatest of all, these conversations have been recorded and we hope to create more of these over time eventually building up a library of useful resources and discussions.

This second episode focuses on the not for profit sector in particular, exploring the really important endings work that Iona Lawrence founding Director of the Jo Cox Foundation currently does with her colleagues at Stewarding Loss. In this conversation we take an in depth look at the multifaceted nature of endings in organisations and discuss why this work is important to individuals, to organisations and to the not-for-profit sector as a whole.

You can find out more about our endings work and listen to the podcast here

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