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being creative as we emerge

This is the first in a series of posts looking at the theme of emergence and what we should pay attention to.

I am a few weeks late for this, but April 21st was UN World Creativity and Innovation Day.

We are all creative beings and to me, the simple definition of creativity is doing something different. With this in mind, as we emerge and dust ourselves off from the past 12 months, we need to be supporting the entrepreneurial, creative and risk taking spirit. Who knows where it might lead…

Thank you to @KarynPrentice and @ElainePatterson for curating the wonderful Tapestry Diploma, a creative exploration through which I am immersed in reimagining my own business and practice, exploring how I can best serve leaders as we emerge.

And also to my new, inspiring learning buddies Trish Anastos and Angela Cusack, thank you for walking alongside me.

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