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randolph people

are a collective of exemplary leadership coaches

Our coaching is underpinned by some key influences and training, including Systemic Constellations, Transactional Analysis (TA), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Brief Solution Coaching and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).


Despite everything we have in common we’re as individual as our clients are. We all have a unique style and approach to our coaching and to every client engagement.

track record

all randolph coaches have a proven track record in business and leadership, having had first careers leading high performing teams

icf members

are International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coaches and abide by the ICF code of ethics


are committed to continual supervision to maintain their high standards

Alison Lucas - founder


In working as an Executive Coach I have found a profession that I love, the bright and brilliant clients I have the privilege to work with, and the results I witness them achieve gives me immense energy. I’m forward-focused and purposeful, supported by a creative armoury of practices and resources. Every client I work with is unique, and my approach to supporting them and their goals in equal measure reflects their uniqueness. 

In support of my work and my life I am constantly learning with my clients, and honing my professional skills to be the best coach I can be. My enquiry at the moment is about the connection between mental and physical well being which has led me to develop my Mental Fitness programme.


I combine my commercial experience with deep coaching expertise. Two decades on and with 4000+ hours as a Professional Certified Coach I continue to work with individuals and teams, from executive boards to high potentials and continue to love what I do.

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Lizzie Bentley-Bowers - coach & facilitator

In my experience, people tend to know what they want. It might be bouncing around their heads, or not yet a fully formed thought, but on some level they know. As a coach, my role is to help you get really clear what you want, clear on how to get there, and clear on how you might get in your own way, so that you can get there more quickly and sustainably.​ I help individuals and teams focus on facts and intentions rather than judgements and emotions so that they can see what works with fresh eyes, and build on that in order to do differently and better in the future.

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Karen Dean - coach, coach supervisor & author

I have twenty-eight years experience as a coach working with over ninety organisations across twenty-two sectors worldwide. Working primarily in the context of transition and transformation, I am known for precision, courage and compassion. In partnership with my clients we focus on their clearly articulated goals which are measurable and can demonstrate a mean average improvement of 58%. I am creative in my thinking, responding instinctively to my clients and their needs. As an award winning author I have shown honesty and insight while inspiring readers to learn and grow. 

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Mary Farebrother - coach & programme design

I have enjoyed a broad and varied career that began in the pharmaceutical industry, developing and marketing new products for operations worldwide. Being driven to helping people reach their potential, my focus for the last 15 years has been coaching individuals and teams to hone their leadership skills and be at their best. I strongly believe in the power of the coaching relationship I have with my clients, to provide them with the self-insight that leads to their learning, growth and change.

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Caroline Hall - coach & facilitator

Most people I work with know what they want to change - what they’re less sure of is how to make it happen.  As a coach, I help you to find practical and creative ways to make change happen. You might want to change a competent presentation to a memorable one; a solid 3 year plan to a dynamic vision of the future or an under-energised team into a motivated one. I help people, and their teams, to be sharp on where they want to be and why it matters. I help them to own what they’re really good at to build their confidence and strength. This clarity brings new insights and new actions that kick-start change.

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Kelly Holland - project management & administration

I am the support for the randolph coaching team, ensuring that all the cogs in the engine room run smoothly behind the scenes. I provide the financial management for the organisation; the administrative back-up to our coaches and a contact point for our clients: if there is anything to do with the "paperwork", I'm your girl.

My organisational and administrative skills and my focus on attention to detail come from my experience in event management in the hospitality industry as well as office and financial management in the management consulting world. I have also trained as a coach and have experienced coaching myself, so I have a deep appreciation of the powerful and transformative work that the Randolph coaches do in this field.

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